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I. Am. Terrified. Aug 1 at 4:53am I’m terrified. All the time. In fact, I’m terrified of a lot of things that I do on a regular basis. Performing... sharing my art with the world... flying. It's safe to assume someone would have to be crazy to choose a career that demands they live in such a constant state of dread. Now, I’m open to the possibility that I am, indeed, crazy. However, I don’t think so. I think what’s truly crazy is allowing fear to control your life and stop you from doing the things that you love. Of course, we all need to perform due diligence and weigh the risks and rewards of every decision, but once we’ve concluded something is worth doing on a rational level, there’s simply no excuse for allowing irrational emotions to prevent us from taking action. Fear is a tool we can use to motivate ourselves; to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. It should be something that helps us become better people; not something that holds us back. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to perform in front of thousands of people at Amphi Festival in Germany, something I only dreamt of as a kid. I sincerely believe that fear is what has taken me this far, and what will propel me forward in the future.

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